Illustration © Bernhard Bamert

Roy Hargrove (1969-2018) *RIP*

Roy Hargrove: Strasbourg / St. Denis (Thema und Solo; Roy Hargrove 'Earfood')
Roy Hargrove: To Wisdom The Prize (Thema und Solo; Roy Hargrove 'Earfood')
Roy Hargrove: Top of My Head (Bb-Leadsheet; Youtube 2018)
Roy Hargrove: Top of My Head (C-Leadsheet; Youtube 2018)

Lead Sheets / Trumpet Solo Transcriptions / Trompetensolo-Transkriptionen

Chet Baker: Rearin' back ('Smokin' with the Chet Baker Quintet')
John Coltrane: Vilia Leadsheet Bb (updated) (John Coltrane: 'Both Directions At Once')
John Coltrane: Vilia Leadsheet C (updated) (John Coltrane: 'Both Directions At Once')
Tom Harrell: Terrestris (Tom Harrell Quintet 'Open Air')
Tom Harrell: Parisian Thoroughfare (Tom Harrell/Jacky Terrasson 'Moon And Sand')
Freddie Hubbard: Dolphin Dance (Herbie Hancock 'Maiden Voyage')
Bert Joris: The Game ('Swiss Big Band Eruption: Walking Tiptoe 1996')
Ryan Kisor: Minor Ordeal (Ryan Kisor 'The Dream')
Fats Navarro: Nostalgia (Leadsheet+Solo)
Christian Scott: Of A New Cool (ONLY Leadsheet; 'Stretch Music' 2015)
Clark Terry: Hum (BBC London, Oct. 1963)
Snarky Puppy: Lingus (Bb Leadsheet; 'We like it here' 2013)
Snarky Puppy: Lingus (C Leadsheet; 'We like it here' 2013)
Milcho Leviev: Bulgarian Bulge (Bb Leadsheet; "The New Don Ellis Band Goes Underground")

Other Solo Transcriptions For Trumpet

Chris Cheek: Skylark (Chris Cheek, 'I Wish I Knew', for trumpet)
Chris Cheek: Skylark (Chris Cheek, 'I Wish I Knew' for tenor saxophone)
Kurt Rosenwinkel: Synthetics (Rosenwinkel, 'Deep Song')

ITG Citation for rehearsal / gig infraction

obnoxiously show-offy warm-up, $25
vibrato on unison passage, $50
failure to swing, $150
sound-checking section mic with obnoxious jazz licks, $15
playing highest note possible during warm-up, $20
raising hand after making mistake, $15
practicing multiple-tonguing not called for on gig, $15
failure to use 3rd valve slide when necessary, $50
being told by Conductor to play louder, $400
taking tuning note up octave, $25
playing B-flat when band tunes on A, $75
blacking out after high note, $20

changing mouthpiece mid-song, $15
missing high lick, then mentioning previous gig(s) that day, $25
faking section into early entrance, $10
faking self into early entrance, $20
asking Conductor if it‘s OK to take this lick up, $25
asking Conductor if it‘s OK to take this lick down, $400
taking lick down on gig that you took up in rehearsal, $100
missing last note of „In the mood“, $200

missing entrance when lead player drops out on unison, $15
hanging over past lead player on last chord, $100
attempting unassigned high lick lead player biffs, $50
asking lead player what mouthpiece he uses, $75
pointing out to lead player that guy on record took last passage up, $20
attempting to out-screech lead player on last chord, $100
successfully out-screeching lead player at any time, $500

dropping mute, $10
dropping horn, $20 + repairs
dropping dead, Warning
forgetting pencil, $20
forgetting mutes, $50
forgetting bow-tie or socks, $30
forgetting mouthpiece, $30
forgetting porn mags, $20
playing with screw-on rim, $10
blaming mistake on sticky valve, $25
getting marble or similar object stuck down bell, $75
polishing horn on-stage, $15

quoting Herb Alpert or Chuck Mangione song, $25
casually mentioning to Musical Director of cheap theater that you also play keyboards, $100
discussing how plentiful gigs were in the old days, $50
talking dump on bandstand, $75
talking about great deal on your new horn, $10
hawking old horn on bandstand, $15
having nicer gig bag than rest of section, $10
practicing legit style on commercial gig, $35
beginning sentence with „When I played with Kenton..“, $50

playing on Jet-Tone mouthpiece, $20
continuously asking „Where are we ?“, $25
drunkenness on gig, $25
stonedness on gig, $50
sobriety on gig, $75
sitting next to Conductor at pre-/post-gig meal, $100
pretending to be friends with Bone players, $10
actually being friends with Bone players, $20
dating Bone player, $75
loaning money to Bone player (oops) (amount loan)
wearing old Maynard Ferguson Tour shirt, $15
wearing new Maynard Ferguson Tour shirt, $25